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New Immersion Heater

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New Immersion Heater

Postby Lexlee12 » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:56 pm

Will try and keep this short.
New Immersion Heater fitted due to old one packing up. New on fitted which involved draining old heater tank.
My system can be heater by way of electric (immersion) or via the boiler which is oil run.
After the new immersion was fitted there was no heating and the large Red heating pump I could not even touch due to heat but nothing at radiator ( turned it all off) called them out again and said there was air in the system from the tank renewel the previous day and subsequently bled the system and radiators.
Problem solved. Although my cold fed Mira Advance ATL shower played up and packed up after all this work. Bought a new exact same unit and got it fitted by another company (brilliant)
Question is ... would the fitting of a new immersion tank cause air to get into the heating element of the shower causing it to overheat and burn itself out.
Only asking as the people involved say that the the immersion tank fitting would not effect the shower as they are seperate.
Also should the shower have been bled at same time as radiators.
Sorry long winded..

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New Immersion Heater

Postby aeytovareschPloro » Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:41 pm

Any suggestions on a make and model of an instantaneous water heater from Lazada? The kind that hangs on the wall by the shower head. It will only be for 1 shower.

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