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Ideal Isar HE35 HELP!!

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Ideal Isar HE35 HELP!!

Postby CRG84 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:40 pm

Evening to all you talented plumbers out there.

We moved into a property last June and noticed a slight water leak coming from the boiler cupboard, but couldn’t find the culprit. I replaced an outside tap today because it looked old and didn’t work. The new one worked, but the pressure was terrible. I was trying to find the pipe work and eventually found it connected to the filling loop for the boiler. I think the isolation valve is at fault because the screw moves, but it doesn’t have any resistance and nor does it turn off the flow to the outside tap.

Anyway, back to the real issue! The Ideal Isar HE35. I have found where the original leak was coming from because it has started leaking again. I have no idea what it’s called or how anyone would go about changing it seeing as this boiler went out of service in 2011. I have looked on the ‘Ideal’ website, but can’t find the part. What I’m wondering is where could I get one from and could a Diy’er do it without a plumber?

I look forward to your replies.

Valve at fault with grey bleed screw.

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Postby aeytovareschPloro » Wed Nov 20, 2019 5:50 pm

I noticed the camera doesnt turn like the head of the character does when you do a backloop in first person view. Its not important but anyway

Cheers, Damien

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